Introducing the Class of 2017

Tina Bastien
Tabitha Conaway
Yvens Dorcely
Josiah Ducos
Patricia Louis
Kendaran Moss
Alton Page
Jeremiah Taylor
Amari Washington
Alexus Williams

A Few words for our Graduates of 2017...

Congratulations on earning your diploma. You may not notice the difference, but today, along with your classmates, you have become alumni. For you, one era has passed; another is about to begin.

You are a member of our family and will continue to carry the reputation of Premier Academy School through your activities and accomplishments. You exemplify the results of a good education: a critical mind, a discerning spirit, higher values, a sense of commitment and the privilege of service.

As alumni, you can assist the school in many ways. You can help us recruit highly qualified students, like yourself. You can proudly represent Premier Academy School through personal and occupational achievements. You can even work in a volunteer capacity to coordinate special events conducted across the city or simply assist us in daily tasks around the school.

To you, your family, friends and those who helped you arrive here today we extend our best wishes. Congratulations!!

Premier Academy School